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  • Nothing planned right now, watch this space.

Past Shows

Quiltbag Cabaret

  • What: Quiltbag Cabaret is a regular arts and performance event in Oxford. They say: We aim to be an inclusive and accessible space for the queer and feminist communities and our allies to socialise and create art together.
    February's event is in honour of LGBT History Month, and is raising money for PACE. Here's the Facebook event.
  • When: Saturday 8 February 2014, 7.45pm
  • Where: East Oxford Community Centre

Fanny Whittington

Whatever the streets of London are paved with, it's certainly not gold. Mayor Dick has even made unemployment illegal! Can Fanny:

  • Save her pet rat Basil from mortal peril (BOO!)
  • Win the love interest of her dreams (AWWW!) - and
  • Avoid becoming the world's most unpaid intern?

Oxford Fringe:
Thursday 6, Friday 7, and Saturday 8 June 2013
Old Fire Station, 40 George Street, OX1 2AQ
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Edinburgh Fringe:
12th-17th & 19th-24th August 2013
8:15pm to 9:15pm
Gryphon 1, Point Hotel, 34 Bread Street, Edinburgh EH3 9AF (Fringe venue 109)
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Pirate Cabaret!

  • When: Saturday 27 April, doors open 6.30pm
  • Where: The Pirate Castle, Camden Town
  • We're currently fundraising in order to take our marvelous pantomime, Fanny Whittington, up to the Edinburgh Fringe, so as well as all the usual delights of Lashings, there'll also be a sneak preview of the upcoming panto!

    Guests will also be able to partake in a range of scrumptious baked goods made by the cast themselves, as well as purchase some awesome Lashings merchandise; but if you really can't wait till then, you can always donate to our Indiegogo campaign!

    Lashings of Afternoon Tea Time

    • What: Enjoy cosy sofas, tea and cake, while we try out some new acts and introduce some new members.
    • When: Sunday 16 December, 3.30pm
    • Where: East Oxford Community Centre Bar


    • What: Alternative Sex Education
    • When: Friday 3 - Friday 17 August, 8.30pm (1h)
    • Where: The Bongo Club, 37 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh

    London Preview - featuring CN Lester

    Nottinghamshire Pride

    • What: Lashings and Sally will be performing several short sets
    • When: Saturday 28 July, throughout the afternoon
    • Where: The trans* tent, Nottinghamshire Pride.

    Moulin Rage - Brighton

    Moulin Rage - Cambridge

    Lashings of Ginger Beer Time: Alternative Sex Education


    Gender Rebels!

    Lashings of Ginger Beer Time.. the panto?!

    Details on the Lashings blog

    • What: we branch out into theatre with narrative - and audience participation!
    • When: Friday 3rd February, 8pm
    • Where: The Pirate Castle, Camden Town
    • What: a queer feminist celebration - film, poetry, comedy, and your last chance to see the Lashings Panto!
    • When: Saturday 11th February, 7pm
    • Where: East Oxford Community Centre

    Political: A Gender

    Lashings of Ginger Beer Times Two @ The Edinburgh Fringe

    Edinburgh Preview

    • What: Lashings and Sally preview their Edinburgh shows.
    • When: Thursday 4 August, 7.30pm
    • Where: The Bullingdon Arms, Cowley Road, Oxford

    Moulin RAGE!

    • What: A fundraiser for Rape Crisis South London.
    • When: Wednesday 27 July, 7pm
    • Where: The Dogstar, Brixton

    Lashings of Ginger Beer UNPLUGGED

    The International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival 2011

    Carnival of feminist cultural activism

    London Ladyfest 10

    Goldsmith's Freshers' Week

    The Fringe

    A different show every night - the only constant was Sally, "the most interesting and original stand-up". Itcia and Silvestre perfected You're the Top; audiences loved Vagina Dentata (Florestan and Lilka as predatory radicalesbians with Robette or Annalytica as ingénues ripe for corruption..) Sebastienne mostly MC'd, Galla Téa and Carlotta made celebrated guest appearances, and Bas was the king of flyering.

    Fringe warm-up

    Fringe fundraiser

    Four nights raising money for Edinburgh - as well as a chance to try out lots of new acts! This was where we found magnificent tech Carmilla (of fab steampunk band Doctor Carmilla and the Mechanisms).

    St Hilda's Queer Cabaret

    Sebastienne wishes it to be know that we SUPPORTED BORDERVILLE at this gig. And they played songs from HEDWIG.

    Ladyfest Goldsmiths

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